The official start of spring is in March, but change is already underway at Louisville’s St. Boniface Catholic Church. The congregation is excited to welcome its new pastor, the Rev. Jeff Shooner, and associate pastor, the Rev. Adam Carrico, and welcomes the promise of their role in the church and the city.

With the addition of its newest leaders, St. Boniface is proud to embark on a brand new beginning and invites all members of Louisville’s community to join in the church’s ministries. Whether you’re a devout Catholic seeking a new place to worship, or are interested in a spiritual fresh start, St. Boniface of Louisville generously opens its doors to you.

Positive changes for Louisville’s oldest Catholic parish

Fr. Jeff Shooner, Pastor of St. Boniface and St. Patrick Churches

Located in what is now NuLu, St. Boniface’s church building sits beautifully on Liberty Street and is a defining architectural centerpiece of the area. Built in the late 19th century, the church itself has been renovated a number of times and has seen several new pastors while serving countless congregation members.

These new beginnings have always proved to further the church’s involvement within the community and have allowed its ministry to better serve not only its own congregation, but also the city of Louisville as a whole, which is why St. Boniface enthusiastically welcomes its newest venture with Father Jeff Shooner and Father Adam Carrico.

Prior to taking on the assignment of pastor at St. Boniface, Father Jeff served from 2011 – 2012 as the sacramental moderator for St. Boniface. In 2014, he assumed the role of pastor at Louisville’s St. Patrick Church, and he will remain the church’s pastor while serving as pastor for St. Boniface. Father Adam will support Father Jeff in providing pastoral leadership to the members of both the St. Boniface and St. Patrick communities.

Fr. Adam Carrico, Associate Pastor of St. Boniface and St. Patrick Churches

“In our society and my generation in particular, we seem more connected but often feel so disconnected,” says Father Adam. “My hope is that St. Boniface will be a place where everyone, no matter where they are in life, can connect in a meaningful way with others, with God, and with those who are most in need.”

Father Jeff adds that he is also determined to positively influence the community of Louisville through his work at St. Boniface. “Building on the strengths of the St. Boniface community, I am excited by this new opportunity to be a place of light, refuge, beauty, mystery and service in NuLu and the urban center of Louisville.”

A growing presence in the local community, with many services available

St. Boniface has the distinction of being Louisville’s oldest Catholic parish and has an important place in the NuLu neighborhood where it resides.

One important impact that St. Boniface has on the local community involves its ongoing support of Nativity Academy, a middle school (fifth through eighth grade) that is sponsored by the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville and the Xaverian Brothers. The school’s curriculum incorporates the Catholic faith and tradition, and tuition help is available to families who may require financial assistance. St. Boniface provides the school with financial contributions to help ensure all those interested have an opportunity to receive an education from the academy. The church and its members also provide support for the school’s families in the form of collections that go toward Christmas gifts and other needs.

While St. Boniface has a long and significant history, the church has adapted with the times and makes its services available to Louisville’s busiest community members. St. Boniface’s central location and its variety of spiritual programs offer convenience to those striving to incorporate religious practice into their hectic schedules. Located within walking distance of several homes and businesses, St. Boniface makes it easy to attend mass services and special Holy Day celebrations.

Interested in learning more about St. Boniface Catholic Church?

St. Boniface Catholic Church is located at 531 E. Liberty St. Its regular mass services are held on Sundays at 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. Masses also take place on Holy Days at noon. This includes Ash Wednesday on March 1. For more information on the church, its new pastors and Nativity Academy, call (502) 584-4279 or visit the church website:


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